22 Reasons and Benefits to use IP telephony in your company

In the history of technology it has happened many times. Products were almost universal presence of which in turn depended businesses linked to those products, disappear almost overnight in the morning.

The technology is so: suddenly someone invents a product that represents a radical change and instead of being a gradual progress, it brings many advantages that the market bet on it massively. Even potential buyers of the product that is becoming obsolete jumping on the bandwagon of the new product before they buy something that despite solve their needs, are soon going to be offside.

A very clear and close example is home videos. Ten years ago, to give a date, almost 100% of households had a video. Many users never got to take advantage and it was very common to find the video clock blinking because the light was gone and no one knew reconfiguring the hour.

Although still exist in many homes, although it is true that with an increasingly marginal use, just as home video equipment sold. The DVD swept the market as reproduction system for its superior quality, possibilities, duration of support, absence of problems, etc. and hard drives have replaced the function of recording home videos.

Today in business case with telephone systems. For decades, any company that has several lines had to buy an expensive and complicated to set up exchange and often go through the toll buy the same brand extensions.

Today the telephone system of a company that wants to operate efficiently is based on solutions that are more flexible, cheaper and more powerful than a telephone exchange. Using network protocols, called Voice over IP (VoIP) allows you to integrate computers with the telephone system to provide incredible performance a few years ago to any company.

If you wonder what you can bring VoIP to your business, here are some of its advantages:

1. Integration with the Information System:

You can make and receive calls from computers and can also be used similar to your current phone IP phone, but that is connected to the computer, allowing the program dial contact management application or from the web browser. Save time and do not ever go wrong dialing. When receiving a call, the computer can automatically open the tab of the person who is making the call.

2. Cost savings:

By using the Internet, we can do without additional lines, which have a high monthly cost. In addition the system allows one operator Voice over IP that we are most interested at all times, achieving savings of up to 90% on telephone usage.

3. Efficiency in locating persons:

The solution lets you know if a person is in office, contactable on your smartphone or do not want to be disturbed. If a company has several offices or branches, anyone of them can directly call anyone from the other without passing through switchboards or operators, and knowing in advance whether or not it is in place.

4. Facilitates telecommuting:

Any employee can have an IP phone at home, connected to your broadband. For the system will be more extension, which will have the same possibilities as extensions located in the company.

5. Integration of SmartPhones:

If the company uses smartphones, you can use the data quota or a wireless network to make and receive calls over the IP PBX. From the smartphone we can know which users are operating.

6. Freedom in the choice of the operator:

You only need to have Internet connection. We do not care what the service operator. Calls to the telephone network are configured to use any VoIP operator, in order to take advantage of cheaper rates.

7. Freedom in choosing teams:

Unlike hardware-based PBXs not obliged to use phones or devices of a particular brand, thus having a much wider range of options.

8. Utilization of existing equipment:

If necessary or desirable, you can use existing phones, but will not have the same benefits as IP phones.

9. Easy installation:

It is installed on a Windows server, so no need to know a new environment such as Linux, and is easily integrated into the rest of the computer installation of most companies. The entire system uses existing network cabling, enabling rapid deployment.

10. Possibility of call recording:

Whenever informed it is possible to record all calls. We can thus analyze how it serves customers how a sale is closed or clarify a misunderstanding.

11. Virtual Operator:

Facilitates your partners talk to the right person. The virtual operator is able to handle several incoming calls simultaneously. Divert to "human" operator calls only those who really need to be answered by a human being.

12. Easy Conference call:

Forget complicated sequences on the keyboard to set up conference calls. Drag on the screen to create a communication between all users want.

13. Routes in use, dates and times:

Easily set how calls are routed, diverts calls from one phone to another (or even from one delegation to another) if the extension is in use, does not answer or is celebrating. also set different standards depending on the time of day, adjusting the schedule of each department or office.

14. Improved Customer Service:

Avoid your customers have to wait to be served annoying hearing melodies. You can configure the solution so that if, after a few seconds, no one has answered the call, the caller is offered the possibility to hang and be called as your partner becomes available. The system respects the turn of the call in the queue and when it would behoove be served, returned the call and establishes communication.

15. Information for decision-making:

You can know the average waiting time of your customers and receive few calls, allowing you to make decisions on the size of your customer team.

16. Receiving faxes by email:

Although less and less, the fax is still used. But receive faxes on paper is expensive and unsafe (anyone can read the contents of a fax received in the company). With an IP PBX can receive faxes as PDF file in the email address indicated. If necessary can be printed or forwarded by email to the appropriate person.

17. Receiving voice messages by email:

If you can not communicate with a person, you may leave a message that arrive via e-mail as an attached audio file. Forget voicemail.

18. Easy growth:

As a program, it is not necessary to buy cards lines or extensions. There is no limit to the growth of the telephone system.

19. There is obsoleted:

The solution receives frequent updates, adding new features for customer feedback. The communication system your company will not stay so obsolete (as happens with traditional PBXs).

20. Tranquility against damage:

Imagine the disorder if your current PBX fails. With an IP solution you can have a backup of the entire system and, in case of failure of the computer, in minutes you can be running on another computer. It is also possible to install it on a virtual machine for safety.

21. Remote Support:

We can make any configuration changes remotely and quickly, without paying displacement of a technician.

22. No initial investment and savings from the first month:

The solution, including all necessary equipment (Windows server, UPS, software, telephones ...) can be financed by leasing. In most cases the savings in fixed costs plus the savings obtained by using VoIP operators is much higher than the share of leasing, which enjoy all these advantages it comes to your company for $ 0.