Skype Resolver tool

A Skype resolver, a tool commonly used in gaming and blackhat markets, is a tool that finds the IP address behind a Skype username. By utilizing exploits in the Skype servers, a Skype resolver can effectively send a call to remote servers owned by Microsoft, requesting the IP of a given user. Although the concept may seem complicated and difficult to develop, the sheer number of Skype resolvers out there contradicts the aforementioned fact. Although a plethora of services offer Skype IP resolving, who can you trust with your privacy? Not all services providing Skype resolving are equal.

In July 2015, there was a report from one of the top Skype resolver providers that information was passed onto a third party, including IP address, name, address, and email address of the user using the resolving service. Although reports are public, nobody knows what the undisclosed third party did with this information, and in turn, controversy was struck in the Skype resolver community. Being victimized for using a Skype resolver is unethical and unfortunate, and with our SSL secured offshore website, there is nothing to worry about! Use our resolver for Skype IP’s with confidence, knowing that you’ll be given an accurate IP of the victimized user.

To conclude, when it comes to Skype resolvers, not all are made the same. Go with the best and use’s Skype resolver. Not only do we offer the fastest IP resolves, but we guarantee accuracy and provide IP’s that no other service or software as a service can provide. So, what are you waiting for? Use our resolver for Skype IP addresses for free and use our stresser to attack the IP offline. 2 in one!